Go For A Walk, Boys

Elite Leader Ability
Prerequisite: Necromancy
Ability Points: 2

If a Leader has this ability, undead units on that side may move through Water hexes.

While Underwater, the following things are true:

  • Movement is capped at 1, regardless of movement type.
  • Units are invisible.
  • When exiting water by something other than a Fly, movement is still capped at 1.
  • Undead that can fly may burst from the water and fly their normal speed -1, but are revealed, even if they return to under the waves after the move.
  • A Lightning spell targeted on the correct hex will instantly destroy any submerged unit, including Leaders.
  • Cavalry Units cannot Charge, but Fliers can execute Dive attacks.
  • Underwater units are revealed by a Divination or Scry spell.
  • While underwater, units are immune to Indirect Combat, with the exception of Lightning.

If a side suddenly loses access to this ability, all units underwater immediately are destroyed.

Non-Undead Leaders may not “Move with Army” when stacked with an Undead Army that plans to move into a water hex.


Q: Is this ability awesome?
A: Yes.

Go For A Walk, Boys

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