Players orders are executed simultaneously, split into distinct phases. The phases happen in the following order.

1 – Orders: Players give an order to each of their units and strongholds.

2 – Disband: Units ordered to disband disband in this phase.

3 – Rot & Ruin: Caravans suffer one point of Rot & Ruin damage in this phase. If they have none left, they lose 1 Resource. If they have no Resources, then they are disbanded.

4 – Upkeep: Each unit that does not have free upkeep incurs a 1 resource charge.

5 – Starvation: If player could not pay the entirety of their upkeep in Phase 4, the difference in armies are disbanded at random. Armies disbanded in this way are guaranteed to become Bandits.

6 – Commission: Players that order strongholds to produce armies pay for the armies in this phase.

7 – Spells/Ranged Attacks: Ranged attacks and spells trigger in this phase. A player must have enough gems to complete a spell before s/he can attempt to cast it.

8 – Abilities: Leader abilities such as Scavenging and Stargazing take place in this phase.

9 – Caravan Orders: Caravan specific orders take place in this phase. (Loading/Unload resources)

10 – Movement: This includes flight. Units can move into a hex occupied by another unit in this phase. Units can move through space occupied by non-enemy units. A ground unit cannot*, however, move past a space occupied by an enemy and will instead halt it’s movement there.
If the armies are not allied but not at war this can trigger an emergency communique to be resolved with either combat or ejection. If this ends in combat war is declared immediately.
Movement Subphases:
3a: Units with move greater than 4 move until their movement reaches 4.
3b: Units with move 4 move once.
3c: Units with move 3 move once.
3d: Units with move 2 move once.
3e: Units with move 1 move.

Moving onto a road Hex triggers a priority movement Subphase. (3a-Priority, for example, which would occur before 3b.)

*: Flying units may fly over non-archer ground units. Archers can be flown over, but will be given the option to attack (and thus halt the flying unit).

10b – Predatation Movement: If Bandits are within movement range of a caravan, or uncontrolled Undead in movement range of any non-Undead, they will move to attack it.

11 – Logistics: See rules on unit Shunting. If two allied units occupy the same location, one is ejected one space backward. If this would cause it to be in the same location as an allied unit, this process is repeated. The allied players may choose who is ejected.

12 – Combat: If two or more units occupy the same space at the end of the movement phase and neither is ejected melee combat begins. Combat continues until only one remains.

13 – Healing: All healing occurs here, this includes healing from recuperation. Healing caused by a spell happens in phase 2.

14 – Repairing: Caravans can issue the repair order to reset their durability to 5 here.

15 – New Units: Newly created units appear on the game board in this phase.

16 – Bandits: If a unit being disbanded caused it to become a bandit, it is created in this phase. Bandits cannot spawn in hexes that are occupied by another player. If a Bandit would spawn on a Stronghold, they are instead spawned adjacent to it, in a random legal, unoccupied hex. If not such hex exists, the Bandit does not spawn.

17 – Excess: Strongholds and Capitals with more than their maximum amount of resources donate the excess to charity.

18 – Finishing: Any units in an illegal position are shunted at the GM’s discretion, and Units level up. Units ordered to change sides do so.

19 – Natural Income: Strongholds and Capitals generate resources (3 and 4, respectively).

0 – Emergency Communique: This is a special case that only comes up at GM discretion. This is represented by a communication to the Ruler from an army or unit. Whether by magic or carrier pigeon it is assumed in this case that two-way communication is possible before the phase is resolved. Emergency Communique interrupts all other phases. The GM will make best effort to communicate with the necessary players in a timely fashion before turn resolution continues. If that is not possible the GM must follow the original orders given by the players as best as possible to resolve the turn.

For instance: Red is moving his flying cavalry into the same space that Green is moving his archers into. Red and Green are not at war but are also not allies. Neither player have made any intent to attack one another known. An emergency communique is made to Red and Green via SMS.

Either will have the opportunity to halt their movement adjacent to the previously contested hex. It is possible that both will decide not to move to the location, and it will end up unoccupied.


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