Elite Leader Ability
Prerequisite: None
Ability Points: 3

Description: This spell creates a portal to another hex on the map. This portal allows for two-way travel, and moving through the portal counts as one hex of movement. The caster is automatically sucked through the portal. A hex cannot have more than one gate in it.

The only locations that can be targeted are obelisks. The Gate will appear within 2 hexes of the obelisk, and will not appear in mountains, lava, or water, unless the caster chooses to allow those terrain types.

A Gate Portal can be sustained by any Player that controls a Caster for 1 Astral Gem per turn. Naturally, they need to be aware of the Gate to sustain it.

A Counterspell instantly closes a Gate, and a Spelljack instantly closes it and creates a Gate scroll.

Astral Gem Cost: 5

Range: Infinite, must target Obelisk.

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Q: Can spells be cast through a Gate?
A: Yes.

Q: Can projectiles be fired through a Gate?
A: Yes.

Q: Does opening a gate underwater drain the ocean?
A: No. For unknown reasons, water doesn’t travel through a Gate.


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