Attack: 3d10+0
Defense: 3d10+0
HP: 20
Move: 3
Prey: None
Predator: None
Special: Mountainwalk, Assassinate

Assassins are vulnerable units that are especially dangerous to Warlords. When Assassins engage a Leader, or a stack with a Leader that has not moved, they can choose to only engage the Leader of the stack. When they do so, they receive a +5 bonus to their attack.


Q: When Assassins engage only the leader, does the Leader gain any benefit from his stack?
A: No, but the Leader does benefit from terrain such as Hills and Strongholds.

Q: Does this mean that a Leader in a Stronghold may have 40 HP?
A: Yes, it does. If the Leader is slain, however, the Stronghold does not suffer damage, nor is it captured. It is simply much more difficult to assassinate a Leader in his fortress.

Q: If the Leader was stacked with an Army, and the Leader is killed, what happens to the Army?
A: The Assassins are shunted back the way they came.

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