Elite Leader Ability
Prerequisite: None
Ability Points: 2

Description: This spell allows the caster to block another Leader’s spell. It can be cast in one of three ways.

  • The spell can target another Leader and will block any spell he or she casts this turn.
  • The spell can target a specific spell. If that spell is cast this turn by any other caster it will be blocked, giving preference to spells targeting your kingdom first, and allied kingdoms second. Targeting Counterspell or Spelljack targets both spells.
  • The spell can target an army that you suspect is Phantasmal, or a Hex that you suspect an invisible unit occupies. If the army is Phantasmal, it is killed instantly, awarding 1 XP. If the hex contains an invisible, non-allied unit, then the spell is dispelled, awarding 1 XP.

Successfully counterspelling a spell has a 25% chance to award 1 XP.

If this spell targets a Leader that is sustaining a spell, the sustained spell is broken for free – This may allow this spell to Counter more than one spell in a single cast.

Tower Casting: If cast while standing on a Stronghold or Capital, the caster may instead block a random spell cast by a particular player. If more than one spell is cast, it is determined randomly which spell is blocked.

Astral Gem Cost: 2

Range: Infinite

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