Attack: 3d10+1
Defense: 3d10+1
HP: 30
Move: 2
Prey: Cavalry
Predator: None
Special: Hold the Line

Guardians are exceptional defenders, and gain large bonuses when they do not move.

Guardians gain +1 defense and +1 attack when they do not move.

If they are located on a hex that grants defensive bonuses, they also gain an additional +1 defense.

Furthermore, if they do not move for their turn, they grant all adjacent allied units a +1 bonus to their defense.

Leaders and caravans cannot be targeted directly or damaged when stacked with Guardians, this blocks the Assassins ability, and the splash damage from abilities such as Firebreathing.

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Q: What would a Guardians’ stats be if it was entrenched in a Stronghold?
A: It would have +2 attack, +4 defense, and at least 30 HP, probably more if the Stronghold is in good repair.


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