It is the duty of every Ruler seeking to conquer the land to manage his or her kingdom. You must keep your soldiers fed and clothed with sword and spear in hand in order to achieve victory. The primary resource to manage is Resources. This represents recruits, food, bandages, swords, leather, mounts, feed, and everything else an army could need. Supplies are generated by and stored in strongholds. A stronghold generates 3 resources each turn, and can store up to 10 resources indefinitely.

Resources can be moved by Caravan, up to 10 resources can fit in a caravan. Caravans are extremely vulnerable, not only to enemy troops, but to the elements as well. After 5 turns a caravan begins to experience Rust & Rot and the supplies carried are reduced by 1 point each turn. This takes place during Phase 1. This counter can be reset by spending a turn repairing next to a stronghold. Resources cannot be used for unit creation or upkeep while in a caravan.

In order to build units you must have the necessary resources at a stronghold. One unit can be built at a stronghold per turn, that unit does not cost upkeep and cannot receive orders until it appears on the game board. The resources required to purchase the new unit are subtracted during Phase 6. The new unit appears in Phase 15. New armies cost 5 resources to build initially, a Stronghold must have 5 resources present to build a new Army.

Each turn during Phase 4 one resource is subtracted for each army. It is the duty of the player to inform the GM where upkeep payment is being paid from. Upkeep can only be paid from a Stronghold or Capital – Resources currently in a caravan are unavailable. If specific supply orders could cause units to be disbanded this will trigger an emergency communique.

Astral gems are the only other resource. These tiny magical gems are used to power spells. They are gathered by mages and astronomers from the heavens and are a kingdom-wide resource. Astral gems do not need to be kept in a stronghold or caravan.

There are several sources of resources:

Leaders with the proper traits can gather resources every turn.

Strongholds hold up to 10 resources, and generate 3 every turn.

Capitals hold up to 10 resources, and generate 4 every turn.

Bandits can steal resources from players.


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