Elite Leader Ability
Prerequisite: Necromancy
Ability Points: 2

This spell consumes a corpse within 2 hexes of the caster, and reanimates it as an undead version of itself. This new unit has all the statistics it had in life, but costs no Upkeep. It is, however, considered Undead for the purposes of Sweep Aside the Refuse.

Tower Casting: If cast while standing on a Tower, this spell can revive a Warlord (but not a Ruler) into an undead version of themselves.

Astral Gem Cost: 6

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Q: Infinite units?
A: Undead do not leave corpses behind when killed.

Q: When does the unit appear?
A: Phase 15.

Q: What happens if the hex is occupied during Phase 15?
A: Then the created Undead is moved to a free adjacent hex. If no such hex exists, the spell fails.


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