Attack: 3d10+0
Defense: 3d10+0
HP: 20
Move: 3
Prey: None
Predator: None
Special: Pathfinder, Mountainwalk, Scouting

Scouts are poor combat units that have a host of special abilities. Their Mountainwalk ability allows them to move onto Mountain Hexes. Their Pathfinder ability makes any hex that they are on count as a road for allied units (but not themselves); speeding up movement for armies, and allowing them to pass over mountain ranges. Their scouting ability allows vision of adjacent regions, if the game you are playing in utilizes Fog of War.

If a scout moves onto a Mountain hex, his move immediately drops to zero for the remainder of the turn.

In addition, if a Scout is destroyed in combat, the combat report is also delivered to the loser, and if the victorious army was led by a Leader, that Leader’s stats are revealed to the owner of the Scout unit.

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