Attack: 3d10+0
Defense: 3d10+0
HP: 20
Move: 3
Prey: Spies
Predator: Spies
Special: Mountainwalk, Evasion, Sabotage


Spies are hard to pin down in combat, having the option to simply be shunted off hex (to a hex of their choosing) in any round of combat where they take no damage.

Furthermore, a Spy can simply move into an unoccupied stronghold without combat as long as it has no armies or Leaders in it, causing a host of issues.

  • The Stronghold is question loses all of its resources.
  • The Stronghold generates zero resources each turn.
  • The Stronghold cannot build new units.
  • If the Spy manages to stay in the Stronghold for three consecutive turns, it is automatically conquered.


Q: Can Spies engage in regular combat against a stronghold to conquer it?
A: Yes.

Q: Spies are their own Predator?
A: Yes.

Q: If an enemy unit tries to attack a spy while it is in a Stronghold, does it gain bonuses from the Stronghold?
A: No. You must control a unit or be allied with it to be stacked with it.

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